Printed Record Player Lid Hinge

Recently I got a Sony direct drive record player from a garage sale. The previous owner was the original owner, the way he talked about it you could tell he took care of it. The record player works perfectly, except that one of the hinges that holds up the lid was broken. This means that the lid wouldn’t stay up on its own.

Hinge Rapaired

I started by measuring what was left of the old hinge as well as the remaining whole hinge and making a model in UGS NX6. Since it was easy to take the hinge apart (Sony actually used to make things to be repaired!) I just needed to replace the one part.

Broken HingeHinge Computer Model

I managed to get the model and print right on the first try (this is a rare thing) then I replaced the broken part, assembled it and re-attached the lid.

Repaired Record Player HingeAfter the lid was back on, I plugged everything in and it works beautifully.

Final repaired hinge compared to the original

Also, that is a beta player under the record player in the first image. I also got that from a garage sale and fixed it.

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