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Of Microcontrollers and Timekeeping – The Beginning

One problem I’ve come across a couple of times is trying get a microcontroller to keep accurate time. In the past I’ve managed to get an ATMEGA168P with an external 16MHz (same as Arduino) to be accurate to within about … Continue reading

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Printed Record Player Lid Hinge

Recently I got a Sony direct drive record player from a garage sale. The previous owner was the original owner, the way he talked about it you could tell he took care of it. The record player works perfectly, except … Continue reading

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DIY 3D Printing

Lately I have been spending most of my time using and upgrading my makerbot thing-o-matic 3d printer. I have been using it to print parts for school projects such as robot chassis (not online yet) and a stereoscopic camera mount … Continue reading

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MechLabs is a site for (mostly) mechatronics-related projects. The projects will range from quick projects that (should) be able to finished over a single weekend from conception to┬ácompletion┬áto longer projects that could take upwards of a month (anything linger than … Continue reading

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